In order to limit the number of cars our picnic customers bring to TBOC, we are instituting policy changes. If we do not limit the number vehicles in our lot and on the highway,  the County and State will not allow us to keep our picnic area open. It is imperative that we limit the number of vehicles to qualify for our County Use Permit. As a requirement of this we have had to hire valet parking attendants and security patrol along the highway shoulder to monitor parking and pedestrian traffic. The $5 charge per head for drop-in tables will cover some of the additional service costs (such as valet parking and security) that will help us deal with this problem.

Groups of 10 or more must make a reservatio in advance. Each table cost a total of $160 to reserve ($100 is the reservation fee and covers the group cover charge, and $60 is prepaid towards oysters)  You can purchase our oysters, clams, and mussels to eat here. Treat your neighbors kindly. We accept cash only; an ATM is located next to the sales table for your convenience.


 Each table holds a maximum of ten people.  When you reserve one table we can only allow your party 2 vehicles,  additional cars will be turned away.

 Parties of 9 or fewer are welcome to drop-in and use a first-come, first-served table and grill! Again 2 vehicles maximum per party!

Check in at the blue counter to secure your table. There is a use fee of $5 per person for drop-in parties of 9 people or less (children under 14 years old are free, but count toward group size).

Groups of 10 people or more must have a reservation and MUST PAY THE RESERVATION FEE IN ADVANCE. Smaller size groups may make a reservation, however the $100 table fee still applies. When you make a reservation, you must pre-pay for a $60 bag of oysters. Total reservation cost is $160 per table.

We can no longer accomodate groups larger than 20 people and we no longer take reservations for groups needing more than 2 tables. Groups needing 2 tables must arrange group transportation and provide confirmation of shuttle or bus booking to make a reservation.

Mid-week, non-holidays we may accomodate larger groups, call to ask for more information.

Large groups dropping in will be turned away!

We apologize for the inconveniences that this will cause, especially with our large parties. But if we are to keep our picnic area open for everyone to enjoy fresh oysters bayside, we must get everyone's help to solve our parking problem. So please, carpool with your friends, organize group transportation in advance, and still come to see us at the farm.


  • Groups of 10 people or more must make a reservation and pay the group fee in advance.
  • Group rate is $100 per table and includes two lemons or limes and a bottle of Tapatio Hot Sauce. When you make a reservation, you must pre-pay for a $60 bag of oysters.
  • You can borrow a shucking knife with a $10 deposit. When you return the knife we'll return your deposit.
  • Our picnic area is very popular during summer and holiday weekends. Weekdays and the winter season are slower and the weather can be fantastic!
  • Parking is limited and groups with multiple tables meeting at TBOC are required to have group transportation: van, limo, or shuttle bus. Each group (either drop-in or a single reserved table) is only allowed two cars as an absolute maximum.  
  • We have free valet parking. Cars parked illegaly on Highway One may be ticketed. 
  • If our picnic area is full when you arrive, you may be turned away.
  • Alternative picnic areas are: Bear Valley and Kenneth Patrick Visitor Centers in the Point Reyes National Seashore, Samuel P. Taylor and Tomales Bay State Parks, Dillon Beach, and the Sonoma Coast State Beaches.
  • The group fee must be paid in advance by cash, check, or with a credit card over the phone. Fee must be recieved 2 weeks in advance of reservation date.
  • 24 hour cancellation please, cancellations are charged a $10 processing fee.
  • Please call our reservations line Monday through Friday 10am to 3pm to secure your reservation. (415) 663-1243 or e-mail request to: reservations@tomalesbayoystercompany.com
  • Make checks payable to TBOC and mail to PO Box 847, Marshall CA 94940
  • Check-in for group reservations is between 10am and 11am at the blue counter.

      What to bring:
  • Reserve Now

Our BBQ's are for oysters!  Leave the meat at home. You are welcome to bring side dishes. You need to bring your own drinks (beer & wine are OK, but hard liquor is not allowed), tableware, BBQ ware, napkins, and cups. We provide grills, so please don't bring yours—they are a fire hazard. Shellfish from other farms are prohibited! Take the oysters to your table and eat them raw or BBQ them. Bring an icebox or container for ice to keep the oysters fresh.

  • We have the basics, which we will happily sell to you: oyster knives, ice, charcoal, limes, Tapatío Hot Sauce, Sartain's "The Sauce," gloves, and of course our beautiful farmed oysters. You can borrow a shucking knife with a $10 deposit. When you return the knife we'll return your deposit.
  • Don't forget a cooler to keep the oysters fresh.
  • Here is the best part: you do the shucking!
  • If this happens to be your first stab at it, we’ll give you a quick demo. 
  • WE RECYCLE. The tall blue containers are for recycling cans, bottles, plastic, cardboard. The flat black trays at the foot of each table are for oyster, clam, and mussel shells only! Each table has a trash barrel for the rest of what you're leaving with us. No shells in the trash!

  • WE PLAY OUR OWN MUSIC and ask you not to play yours. 

  • YOU MAY BRING YOUR DOG. Your dog must be people and pet friendly, be on a leash at all times, and be cleaned up after. Dangerous or aggressive breeds not allowed.

  • RECOMMENDED: shade structure for sunny days (you are totally out in the elements), sunscreen, hat, and warm clothes for the always changing weather on Tomales Bay.

  • OUR BEACH. We have a small beach that you can take a walk on. No swimming in the oyster area (splashing in the shallow water OK), and please keep an eye on children playing by the water.