Cash & Carry, Oysters to go.

We sell live-in-the-shell oysters for you to TAKE AWAY (or enjoy with us here at the farm).

We have tens of thousands of oysters on hand most days of the year. We typically have four sizes and hold them in our tanks in net bags of fifty or one dozen. Sizes range from extra-small to large.

We also sell clams. (mussels sometimes)

If you plan to order in excess of a few hundred, please give us a call so that we can tell you what is available.

 Our primary concern is that you keep the oysters you purchase from us as cool as we do at the farm. The best way to do it is to BRING AN ICE CHEST to hold the product we sell to you. We also sell Ice for $3

Raw oysters are one of the most delightful foods on earth when fresh and cold. We guarantee the freshness. You do the rest

PARKING. We provide 10 minute parking for Cash and Carry customers. Drive in the gate and park directly in front of the sales table behind the signs designating the spots. Just load up and go!

We accept cash. We have an ATM for your convenience.